For security reasons, PDF files are always be secured by a password. Thus you can only read them while not edit, copy or print them. It always turns us down. If you want to make notes on the secured PDF files or print and copy it, you will need to unsecure it. Here is a very efficient way for you to unsecure these PDF files. If you are user of Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Windows 8, you can learn about a professional tool to convert secured PDF to unsecured PDF file on Mac now.

In fact, you can try the professional Wondershare PDF Password Remover, which enables you to unsecure all your secured PDF files in just one click! In the following passages, I will show you how to do the task step by step. Just follow mow!

Firstly, please order and download the right version of Wondershare PDF Password Remover & launch it for PDF files unsecured.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step 1: Get the Wondershare PDF Password Remover

After getting the tool, you need to install it on your computer and then run it to bring up the starting window. You can follow the wizard to finish these. We now provide you both the Windows version and the Mac version, please purchase the suit version according to system of your computer.

Step 2: Add secured PDF files to program

If you are using the Windows version, please click the button “Add Files” to upload your secured PDF files; if you are a Mac version user, please drag the secured PDF files to the app and then drop them. You can also upload a batch of PDF files to unsecure them at a time to save your time.

Step 3: Unsecure PDF files right now

In this part, you can learn how to unsecure these PDF files. Here are two situations for you to unsecure your PDF files:

For PDF files locked by Open Password (you can see a lock appears on the PDF item bar), you should enter the right password before remove the PDF security.

If no lock appears, the PDF is secured from copying, editing and printing. In order to unsecure the PDF, what you need to do is click the “Start” button.

See, how easy it is! With the help of Wondershare PDF Password Remover, you don't need to worry about how to unsecure PDF files any more.
Download for Windows Download for Mac