When create a material with copyright, it is quite possible and easy for you to add a password to protect them. However, it will take you a lot of time to unprotect them. To save your time, you can turn to certain professional password remover for help. In the article, I will show you how to unprotect your protected PDF file in an easy way.

Here, I recommend you to use the remover – Wondershare PDF Password Remover, a professional password remover specially developed for you to unprotect your PDF files. With the tool, you only need three steps to unprotect PDF files effortlessly.

How to unprotect PDF files by Wondershare PDF Password Remover?

Step 1. Get & launch Wondershare PDF Unprotector

When you get the Wondershare PDF Password Remover, the first thing you need to do is install the tool on your computer and run it by double clicking. You can then see the starting window of the tool.
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Step 2: Import protected PDF files to the program

Now, you can upload your PDF files to the Wondershare PDF Password Remover. You can drag and drop them to the app in an easy way. If you have many protected files to unprotect, you can upload them in batch to save your time.

PDF Password Remover for Mac

Step 3: Unprotect PDF files easily

After upload your PDF files, if a lock appears on the PDF item bar, you need to enter right password in the bar so that you can read these files; if you lock appears, you only need to click “Start” to begin the process. Just in a few minutes, you'll see the output PDF files in the output folder by following the routine: PDF Password Remover > Preferences‚Ķ > Destination.

Just three steps to unprotect your protected PDF files, don't you think the program is very useful? Just try our Wondershare PDF Password Remover to unprotect your important PDF files in an easy way! Just join us to experience the useful password remover!

Wondershare PDF Password Remover Key Features:
  • Remove restrictions from PDF files
  • PDF Password Remover also can remove the “User Password” which protects the PDF files from opening only if you know the password in advance;
  • Shortcut decryption mode: Right-click on a PDF file and choose Decrypt with Wondershare PDF Password Remover, you can decrypt the encrypted PDF file without launching the program.
  • Support batch and shortcut decryption modes- Support extension 1.0 – 1.7 Adobe PDF
  • Independently and without the need to install Adobe Reader or Acrobat software
  • Support for 128-bit RC4 decryption
  • Extremely easy to use
  • User-friendly interface

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