Portable Document Format (PDF) is a very popular and common document file format for academic well as business purpose. It offers the widest portability, sharing feasibility and accessibility for a lot of hardware and software. There are other document formats like TXT or doc or docx in which the document will be started with. Because you cannot get any document started with PDF format, TXT document format is widely accessible and easily created files for any text. Even you can get images, excel outputs, presentation slides in your PDF files but you need to create them first. Therefore, it is important to know how to convert TXT to PDF with the professional TXT to PDF Converter.

In the recent years, the demand for digitalized process has been increased a lot, and so, the popularity of quality applications are demanded by organizations and other businesses. The use of portable document format becomes more and more popular due to its sharing ability and portability of complex features of a text document. But often, a student might not have enough time to be busy with this easy task of TXT conversion to PDF. Therefore, this article intends to help them knowing how to use TXT to PDF Converter to convert their documents in the easiest way.

Part 1: Learn about the most effective TXT to PDF Converter

Wondershare PDFelement is a great tool to convert your document files. You might find a lot of tools on the Internet, but this is really a powerful tool for even the not-tech users. The user-friendly interface and easy operational process using this tool made this converter very popular. You can download the Mac version from here even. PDFelement offers to get the PDF file from any other document files as well as it can combine many other features for premium users. You don't need to download and install any other software while using this tool to deal with document conversion.

PDFelement can also be an alternative software for many other word processing tools. This tool allows you to edit and create texts in the PDF and image using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature. You can even use other features i.e. editing the footers, annotations, watermarks, headers, bookmarks and Bates numbers, etc. You can check all the features in brief in the following list what are the most useful feature offered by this excellent tool.

  • Create and convert PDF files from any other document files.
  • Manage, split, add multiple PDF files as needed.
  • Use OCR feature and edit your PDF document as like your word or other text documents.
  • You can enjoy spell-check and autofit feature for your edited texts on your PDF files.
  • Create, edit, and delete PDF forms and extract data from them as required.
  • Export your PDF data to Excel file and texts from the scanned files.
  • Ensure your files security by using the password protection feature.
  • It is easy to share your documents and easily input signs on your document.
  • You can comment on your document after reviewing.
  • It allows you to insert shapes and stamps on your document.

Part 2: Get to know step by step instruction for converting your TXT file to PDF document

To use this great converter tool, you need to get this PDFelement software downloaded and installed on your personal computer. Before moving to know the instruction to convert TXT to PDF, make sure to follow the below installation tips successfully.

Download PDFelement for your Windows computer from here. Go to this link to download the Mac version for your Mac OS operated computer. To get the full extent of this tool, you have to buy this converter from here (Windows PC/ Mac PC).

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac

Now, follow the in-app instruction procedure to install this tool successfully.

Make sure to follow the below instructions properly to get your documents converted to PDF format.

You can start with the PDFelement document converter tool very easily. Launch the software on your computer, and you will find four commonly used feature of this software. You have to choose convert button for converting your TXT to PDF files. Therefore, find the ‘Create PDF' option from the main homepage and load the TXT file that you need to convert. You will find a new window to browse files on your computer. Select your desired TXT file and then click on the ‘Open' button to load the file into the software to continue your conversion.

Create PDF from Txt

Once you open the TXT file on your tool, you can see the opened document on the software window. This has been extracted as a PDF file successfully. You can further edit your document without returning to your word processing tool for editing your document file. You can use OCR feature of PDFelement to edit, add or remove images or texts from your converted PDF files. You can even add more graphs or spreadsheet of yours excel processing software for creating a more professional document.

Step 3: Saving the Portable Document Format

After finishing your editing to your document, you need to save your converted PDF document. Now, find the ‘File' tab and choose ‘Save as' to continue saving your document. Now rename your file and click to ‘Save' button to finish saving.

Convert Txt to PDF
The above steps will successfully convert your TXT files to PDF files. Make sure to follow these instructions to get your file in the easiest way. PDFelement is undoubtedly a great TXT to PDF Converter tool to use with the least tech knowledge to convert TXT to PDF easily.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac