When we need to find some files we need, we can easily find a lot through the Internet. When we download them, we can always find them are in the form of PDF. If you have a free PDF reader, you can open these files directly and find the information you need from the content. However, due to some natural features of PDF, you can only read them directly while cannot make future edit easily. When you need to copy and paste part of your PDF file, edit or reuse the text or images in the PDF files, it is better to transfer your PDF to Word.

However, it is difficult to transfer PDF to Word directly, you need to turn to help for certain third party PDF to Word Transfer tool. I recommend you Wondershare PDF to Word Program, which enables you to transfer your PDF files to fully-formatted Word in just one click! All you need to do is get the tool below and then install it on your computer. In the article, I will show you how to handle the tool in steps. Just follow me to have a try!

As you can see below, you can now download free trial version of the Wondershare PDF to Word Transfer tool – both the Windows version and the Mac version, please choose the suit version according to system of your computer. Then just run the tool by double clicking to bring up the starting window.

Download PDF Converter for Windows Download PDF Converter for Mac

Only two steps to transfer PDF to Word directly

Step 1: Launch the Wondershare PDF to Word Transfer tool & upload the PDF files to it

Now in the starting window of the PDF to Word Converter, please click the button “Add Files”, then you need to locate a place on your computer to find the PDF files you want to convert. If you are using Mac version, you can add PDF files by only dragging and dropping your PDF files into the PDF to Word Converter.

transfer pdf to word for windows

Step 2: Transfer PDF to Word with just one click

After dropping PDF files to the program, please click “Convert” button to start PDF to Word transferring. The program will then transfer PDF to Word for you automatically. Please just wait for a few seconds, you can finally get your PDF files in the form of Word successfully.

pdf to word transfer
With the Word files, you can make any edit you like, you can copy part or even the whole article if you like.

With the free trial version, you can only transfer part of your PDF files, if you want to get more features of our program, please just click to purchase the tool!

Download PDF Converter for Windows Download PDF Converter for Mac