“Is it quite true that everyone knows the way of changing a PDF file orientation from Landscape to Portrait? I have tried millions of methods to change the PDF file from Landscape to Portrait, however, just finding that I overacted, because I have changed it so much that I changed the PDF file from head to tail. SOS! Anyone here could you give me a hand?”

If you are an unfortunate customer like the one above, yelling for the methods of changing PDF pages from Landscape to Portrait, we are here to pull you out of such an awkward plight. First of all, I want to tell you a truth that the Adobe Reader X can not exactly do the changing PDF orientation job. Perhaps with the help of Adobe Reader X, you can modify the orientation of the PDF file you wanna change, however, the PDF is only for reading. Once you exit the Adobe Reader X, unluckily you will see all the modifications that you did before are not saved. Therefore, we want to recommend a more convenient and practical tool for you. The redeemer is PDFelement which can modify PDF orientation from Landscape to Portrait quickly and smoothly and save the modified PDF files without any troubles.

Step 1. Get PDFelement downloaded

As we know, PDFelement for Windows and PDFelement for Mac are perfectly useful and practical, and are available for all customers varying from the young to the old. It is of great significance that users should download the right version to avoid the unnecessary troubles. For the users of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, you should find the Windows version and download it. For the users of Mac, you should get Mac version and install it on your device. And the next thing we plan to show you is an example of how to use PDFelement (Windows) in order to demonstrate you all the steps to change PDF files from Landscape to Portrait.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac

Step 2. Output PDF files from Landscape to Portrait orientation

Start the app PDFelement and pick out the PDF page which you would love to modify orientation. After that, you should hit the icon Pages on the ribbon to find out all the sub-menus. And then you will see the alternative ” Rotate Page ” from the sub-menus. You can hit ” Rotate Page ” so that you can reveal the window of Rotate Page settings. From this window, you can choose the orientation and determine which page(s) and what kind of page range(s) to spin. Finally, you should hit the icon OK to make the settings saved in your device. As soon as you have the perfect settings of rotating the PDF pages saved, you have succeeded in changing the PDF orientation. Just keep the PDF file in your device.

All steps mentioned above are about how to modify PDF orientation. With the assistance of PDFelement, you can modify PDF pages from Landscape to Portrait and change them back. And now, what are you waiting for? Download the program – PDFelement and use it to modify the PDF orientation.

Why PDF files are still majorly in Portrait Orientation?

In our everyday life and work, there are many materials from the Internet like PDF e-Books, manuals for software, hardware in the PC, projects or anything else. As is planned, all of them majorly should be visible on the screen. What's more, most of them can be seen in vertical orientation. Only by this means, customers can scan all the content on the computer screen, however, they don't need for the assistance of zooming tool. Most PDF files come from Word files or documents from InDesign, and both of them are in the orientation of portrait. Finally, it is almost a habit for everybody to choose the documents in the portrait orientation rather than the landscape orientation. I am a hundred percent sure that all of you prefer not to choose the orientation of landscape, as it might cause a lot of pressure which is bad for our eyes.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac