From one of my friends: days earlier, I just download a very important material for my coming exam. However, the PDF file is just secured and I can only read it while cannot print it. Since the file is very important, I need to print it eagerly. Is there some effective methods to help me print it?

I think many people have encountered the same problem as my friend did – unable to print secured PDF files. In fact, the PDF you meet is secured ones, which you can only read directly while cannot copy, edit and print for future use. The only way to print them is to remove the lock first.

To complete the task, you need to find a professional password remover since you cannot do it directly. To save your time, I recommend you the useful program – Wondershare PDF Password Remover, with help of which, you can remove the security easily, print the PDF file freely. Here are steps for you to handle the tool.

The best way to print secured PDF files on Mac OS X and Windows:

Step 1. Purchase the PDF Security Remover – Wondershare PDF Password Remover

When you get the PDF security remover, please install it on your computer and then run it by double clicking. You will bring up the starting window of the specialized remover.
Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step 2: Import secured PDF files to the program

Once launch the tool, you can upload the PDF file you want to print. If you are using the Mac version, you can drag PDF files and drop them to the app. If you are using the Windows version, please click “Add Files” to upload PDF files. The tool enables you to upload Up to 200 PDF files at a time.

Step 3: Remove PDF security for your secured PDF files now

If there is a lock appears on the PDF item bar, you should enter the right password to open your PDF file; if no lock appears, you are only prevented from printing, copying and editing. You just need to turn to the program to print your PDF file freely by clicking “Start”.

After these steps above, you can freely print the PDF files you want. You can check your output folder by clicking PDF Password Remover > Preferences… >Destination.

Great job. With the powerful PDF security removerWondershare PDF Password Remover, you don't need to worry about “unable to print secured PDF files” now.
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