From time to time, we have to deal with PDF to XLSX conversion stuff. When it comes to PDF to XLSX conversion, what would you do about it? At the very beginning, you have to find a professional tool to help you do the conversion. Right? However, there are so many results once you enter PDF to XLSX converter in the Google search bar. Which one should you choose?

In fact, you don't need to waste time on such problem since I happen to know a very fantastic PDF to XLSX converter tool, which empowers you to convert PDF files into Excel sheets easily and quickly. It is Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter. Just in 4 simple steps, you'll complete your goal without taking many efforts—a few clicks will do. Got any interest in it? Then let’s follow the step-by-step tutorial below to figure out how to convert PDF to XLSX.

Step 1: Download and run Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter

Download PDF Converter for Windows Download PDF Converter for Mac

Download Wondershare PDF to Excel on your computer. After downloading, double click the icon of this tool to run it. You may notice that there are two versions open to you: the Windows version and the Mac version. Easy! Just according to your need, select the suitable version for your computer. If you are using a Windows PC, which version should you use? Sure, Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter for Windows. In the following part, we are going to take the Mac version, fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8, as an example showing you how to do the PDF to XLSX conversion.

Step 2: Add PDF files to the convert tool

Once the Wondershare Mac PDF to Excel Converter launched, there will pop up a main window. Then you can directly drag and drop PDF files to it. If you have to browse the PDF files on the computer, you can click File on the top left of your Mac and select Add PDF Files from the drop-down list. This converter tool supports importing up to 50 PDF files at a time.

Step 3: Select Microsoft Excel as output format

Click Wondershare PDF to Excel on the top left of your MacBook. Next, go to Preferences. In the emerging window, from Destination, you can customize the path to save the output Excel worksheets. From Excel dialog, you can choose: Each page into a single Excel sheet or Combine all pages into a single Excel sheet.

Step 4: Convert PDF into XLSX on the Mac

Wondershare Mac PDF to Excel Converter will convert a complete PDF file to XLSX sheets by default. Of course, you can change it through clicking the little Advance setting icon. After it, click the Convert button to initiate the PDF to XLSX Mac conversion. The conversion should be finished in one fell swoop. Then you can click the icon for the output XLXS sheet on each the PDF item bar to check the output XLSX worksheet. It is really easy and simple, right? So why not just download Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter now?

Download PDF Converter for Windows Download PDF Converter for Mac