TIFF, one of the most popular image file formats used on the web today, allows for your image stored without losing even a percent of its original data. What's more, an image in TIFF format can undergo multiple edits with no negative effect on its quality parameters. Thus for many conditions, you need to convert your PDF files to TIFF format on Mac OS X.

To complete the transfer, you need a third-party PDF to TIFF converter for Mac to help you. Although you can find many similar programs when searching the internet for such a tool, not all of them can help you convert PDF to TIFF without quality loss. Here I want to recommend you the best program, which is called Wondershare PDF Converter for Mac. The program can help you convert a PDF file to a TIFF image in Mac Sierra/EL Caption/OS X Lion/Mountain Lion in just one click and provide you converted TIFF files with high quality.

For your sake, we now offer you free trial version of the professional PDF to TIFF converter program before you purchase it. As you can see, we now offer you both the Windows version and the Mac version in the site. Please choose the suit version according to the system of your computer. Here I will take the Mac version as an example.

Download PDF Converter for Windows Download PDF Converter for Mac

After downloading the Wondershare PDF to TIFF Converter for Mac version, please install it on your computer and run it by double clicking to bring up the starting window. The Mac version works well on iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, and fully compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion. If you have a Windows computer, try the Windows PDF to Tiff Converter. You can follow the similar steps to complete the task.

Step 1. After launching the program, you can now upload PDF files to the program by dragging and dropping. What's more, the program also supports uploading PDF files in a batch to save your time.

Step 2. Before the conversion, you need to select the output format by clicking the little settings button on the PDF item bar to select Image > TIFF (.tiff) as the out put format. Then please open the “Preferences…” dialogue box by clicking PDF Converter on the ribbon. After this, please click “Image” tab in the dialogue box to set your preferences for the output images.

After these preparation work, you can then start to convert files by clicking the button “Convert” in the starting window. The program will then start to convert PDF to TIFF conversion in Mac automatically. Please just wait for a few seconds, you can then save PDF files as TIFF images later. After the conversion, you can check the output images by clicking the link on each PDF item bar.

Download PDF Converter for Windows Download PDF Converter for Mac