Although I am not an expert in this field, I finally did figure my own way out of how to transfer PDF files to LibreOffice after doing a lot of research, and I bet it is a wonderful way to handle PDF to LibreOffice problem. So what should we do when we come to such a problem? Firstly, we should convert PDF format into a format that compatible with LibreOffice. Here, I strongly recommend Microsoft Word since it is used worldwide. Above all, LibreOffice supports Word documents. Therefore, we have to find a way out to convert PDF into Word next.

As far as I am concerned, Wondershare PDF to Word Converter is a very powerful app to use. With the help of it, you can easily convert PDF files to LibreOffice files. Now, let's check how to transfer PDF files to LibreOffice step by step by the Wondershare PDF to Word Converter.

Step 1: Download and install Wondershare PDF to LibreOffice Converter

Just click the below Download button to download PDF to LibreOffice converter – Wondershare PDF to Word Converter on your computer. Both Windows and Mac versions are available. If you are using Windows, then select Wondershare PDF to Word Converter for Windows; if you are a Mac user, then download Wondershare PDF to Word Converter for Mac. After downloading, install this converter app by double clicking the app installer on your computer.

Download PDF Converter for Windows Download PDF Converter for Mac

Step 2: Import PDF files to this PDF to LibreOffice converter app

Launch Wondershare PDF to Word Converter on your desktop. Then drag and drop PDF files to the emerging interface of this app. Batch converting PDF to Word documents is supported by it, so, to work more effectively or save time, you are able to import an array of PDF files to convert them at a time.

Step 3: Convert PDF files to LibreOffice Word documents

When everything is done, click the Convert button to initiate the PDF to LibreOffice Word conversion. With the blink of an eye, the conversion will be completed. On Windows PDF to Word Converter, press the Open bar at the bottom of the primary screen to check the output Word documents. As for PDF to Word Converter for Mac version, you should locate to PDF to Word folder, Preference folder and then Destination folder to find the output folder.

Step 4: Transfer PDF to LibreOffice

Double click the icon of LibreOffice on the desktop to run it. Then click the Open icon on the left top to select the target file on your computer. Once you trace it, just open it in LibreOffice. And that's it! Well done! You have successfully transferred PDF files to LibreOffice. It is really easy and simple, isn't it?
With the help of Wondershare PDF to Word Converter, you don't have to do the tedious work anymore. Then let's waste no time to download this wonderful app and transfer all your PDF files to LibreOffice by yourself now.

Download PDF Converter for Windows Download PDF Converter for Mac