A PDF file can have texts, images, tables, graphs, etc. and you can easily extract images using third-party tools from a PDF file. But it is hard to convert the whole PDF file into images of high-quality keeping the exact formatting. Therefore, you need to use a great PDF to image converter software to perform this task. You may find lots of converters on the internet which might not be useful to keep the exact formatting of your PDF file and produce high-quality images. This article is intended to suggest you two tools for the best output to convert PDF to Image.

Method 1: Convert PDF files to Images Using Wondershare PDFelement

One of the simplest and most user-friendly tools for converting or editing your PDF files into image files from your Mac or Windows OS operated personal computer is
Wondershare PDFelement. A great and powerful converter software to solve all your PDF file related needs from conversion into other file formats to editing PDF images or texts. This tool allows you to have a wide range of supported output file formats as your needs. The output format will be same as the original formatting with high-quality image production.

Wondershare PDFelement also supports few other features in addition to conversion feature i.e. sign PDF forms, sharing files, creating and filling forms. You can use a built-in template or create as your preference to have a PDF form. The OCR capability of this software will let you edit images and texts from a scanned PDF which is not editable file at all.

How to Convert PDF files to Images Using Wondershare PDFelement

Step 1: Downloading and Installing Wondershare PDFelement

To convert your PDF files, you need to have this powerful tool Wondershare PDFelement to convert PDF to image instantly. First, go to the link here and download a free version. You can download the full version from here to get the complete access to all the features of this tool. For Mac users, please click on this link to get the Mac version of your preference. Then, you can simply follow the installation instructions to install this software on your personal computer successfully.

Download PDF Converter for Windows Download PDF Converter for Mac

Step 2: Launching the tool and Importing PDF File(s) to Convert with PDFelement

Start the process by launching the PDF to image converter tool, PDFelement on your personal computer. Now go to the ‘Open' from the menu to import your desired PDF file(s) to convert. This will show you a new window to choose your file from the saved location. Alternatively, you can simply right click on the file that you need to convert from PDF to image and go to ‘Open with' and then select ‘Wondershare PDFelement' from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Edit Your Document if necessary (Optional)

This powerful tool for converting PDF files to images also offer you to make changes to your imported document if necessary. Therefore, if you have something on your mind for editing the PDF file before converting this to an image, you should click on the ‘Edit' tab, and there will have few options to edit the images and texts. Use the ‘Add Image' or ‘Add Text' button from the ‘Edit' tab then to insert new image or text to the inserted PDF file to this tool on your computer.

Step 4: Continue Converting Process of PDF to Images

You need to follow this instructed option as described here- ‘Home' >> ‘To Image'. This will let you continue the converting process, and then you can add as much PDF files as you need to convert. Once you have followed the earlier instruction, you need to choose a preferable image format what you need, and then you can put any page ranges which you need to convert. After that, you need to select an output location and click the ‘Convert' button to start converting your selected PDF file to image file of your preferred image format in the destination folder. These few easy simple clicks will help you to convert your PDF files to image files in an efficient way without any expertise knowledge.

Method 2: Convert PDF files to Images Using Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is a powerful and complete tool for converting any PDF file(s) instantly to different document and image files. You can get an output file in any format i.e. HTML, doc, PPT, Excel, GIF, PNG. BMP, JPG, etc. This PDF to image converter tool has a very user-friendly interface which helps all the users to do conversion tasks so easily, and it allows to add files, choose an output format and destination folder while converting your desired PDF files.

You can also enjoy other great features to convert password-protected PDF to image and document file. ‘OCR' feature of this professional tool will let you convert an image-based PDF file to convert into an editable text.

How to Convert PDF files to Images Using Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

Step 1: Downloading and Installing Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

To use this great PDF to image converter tool, you need to go to the website by clicking this link and download on your personal Computer. You can use the free version, but it will not allow you to provide services as the full version. Therefore, you can buy a full version of this Wondershare PDF Converter Pro tool to use to its full extent from here.

Download PDF Converter for Windows Download PDF Converter for Mac

Step 2: Launching the software and Importing PDF File into the Converter

Once you have installed the Wondershare PDF Converter Pro on your PC, you can continue the process as described here step by step. Click on the ‘Add PDF Files' to add PDF files by selecting them from the opened window which you are desired to convert now. In another way, you can simply drag the PDF file(s) which you need to convert into this tool to import those files easily.

Step 3: Choose the Desired Image Format

Once you have followed the earlier instructions, select and output image format from the image format list of ‘Image' option on the right corner of the window. The pre-set image format is JPG, but you can convert your PDF file(s) in any image format from GIF, PNG, TIFF or BMP as your necessity. Now you need to click to ‘Advance Setting' and then ‘Image' to select your preferable image format.

Step 4: Final Click to Convert PDF into Image

At this step, you need to choose a destination folder for your output files and then just click one to the ‘Convert' button to continue the conversion process instantly. Now, wait for a few seconds to finish the conversion actions. This easy and simple process will have you a quick and great converted image files for your PDF files.

You might find a lot of tools online trying to be the best PDF to image converter, but it is tricky to choose one from them. You need a simple and quick method among all complex tools. The above two methods using Wondershare PDFelement and Wondershare PDF Converter Pro are perfect for your daily life PDF conversion. Even a non-tech person can convert PDF to image efficiently with these two powerful tools.