It always turns us down when the PDF file we spend a lot of time searching is locked. Why? If the PDF file is locked, we can only read them directly while cannot print, copy and do any edit. What if you need to print it eagerly? If so, you need a useful PDF Restrictions Remover for help. I recommend you the ever best PDF Restrictions Remover to Remove PDF Restriction for you here.

The PDF Restrictions Remover I now recommend to you is called Wondershare PDF Password Remover, which can help you remove your PDF restriction effectively and easily. With help of the tool, you can freely print, copy or edit your PDF files. Here are three steps for you to handle the tool. Just follow me now!

The simple way to remove PDF files security restriction on Mac or Windows

Step 1. Get the PDF Restrictions Remover – Wondershare PDF Password Remover below

Firstly, please install the PDF security restrictions remover you just got on your computer and then run it by double clicking to bring up the starting window. The remover provided on our site works well with Mac OS X Mavericks and Windows.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step 2. Add PDF files to the PDF Restrictions Remover program

When brought up the starting window, you can now upload your PDF files to the app by dragging and dropping. As a professional remover, Wondershare PDF Password Remover enables you to upload PDF files in batch to save your time.

If a lock appears on an item bar, then it is an open password protected PDF. In this case, you need to enter the right password to unlock it. If no lock appears, then you could skip to the step3.

Step 3. Start to remover your PDF restrictions now

Now please click on the “Start” button to remove the PDF restrictions. A few minutes later, the PDF Restrictions Remover tool can remove the restriction for you. You can freely copy, edit, or print.

The PDF Restrictions Remover key features:
  • 1. PDF Restrictions Remover can remove pdf password and restrictions;
  • 2. Batch and shortcut decryption modes;
  • 3. Extremely easy to use PDF Restrictions Remover;
  • 4. Standalone, no adobe reader or acrobat needed;
  • 5. PDF Restrictions Remover can remove the restrictions on printing, editing, copying in seconds;
  • 6. PDF Restrictions Remover also can remove the user password which protected the pdf files from opening only if you know the password in advance;
  • 7. Support pdf1.0-1.7 format, including 128-bit rc4 decryption.

Download for Windows Download for Mac