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Why Choose This PDF Converter Pro

Looking to convert PDF files without losing out on the formatting or layout, Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is the best choice. This PDF Converter provides an accurate PDF conversion enabling users to convert, create, assemble, edit and also share the files in a secure way ensuring better collaboration and productivity.

Convert PDF to Any File Format

PDF Converter Pro is capable of converting PDF files to Microsoft Office files and iWork Pages. The formatting or layout is not disturbed in any way. It is easy to convert PDF documents, so they can be reused, edited and printed to any other file format you want, including Microsoft PowerPoint, ePub, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, HTML, iWork pages and more.

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  • To Excel

  • To PowerPoint

  • To Image

  • To Epub

  • To HTML

  • To Pages (Mac)

The converter helps in customizing the converted document in any way with the advanced settings option in the software.

  • Password-Protected PDF

    Convert PDF with Password-Protection

    A majority of PDF files especially the ones that are highly secure come with password protection. To convert PDF files of this type where you do not remember the password, this PDF Converter Pro can be used effectively to open the file.
    After that, you can easily copy the text in the file, edit it and print the edited format without any hassle. The most important factor is that the PDF Converter Pro does not compromise the content in the PDF in any way.

    Note: If the PDF file has a password of open type, you should enter the password that is authorized before beginning the conversion.

  • Scanned PDF

    Scan PDFs for Conversion into Completely Editable Formats

    The PDF Converter Pro has an inbuilt Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. This innovative recognition feature helps to scan the PDFs with image base into files that are editable. The converted files are capably supported by various programs including PowerPoint, Excel, Word and others. The PDF Converter software has more than 20 OCR formats with language support.

  • Batch Conversion

    Instant Conversion of PDF Batch Files to Any Format

    The PDF Converter Pro is efficient. You need just to upload the specific batch of files in PDF format. The software converts the file into any format type including HTML, Image, Epub or Excel quickly. It is also capable of converting the batch files to various image formats or just into images of extract only type. The commands are easy to use saving you plenty of precious time spent on the steps.

Additional PDF Converter Pro Features

In addition to the core functional features of Wondershare PDF Converter Pro, it also possesses a very handy PDF converter. It is the ultimate tool to convert PDF files as it has all the necessary features for any type of PDF conversion.

Ultimate Speed and Stability

The software is integrated with several output choices with each one of them being very flexible in nature. You can convert PDF files at super speeds without compromising the stability of the files.

Preserve Original Layout Intact

Even after conversion of PDF files, the formatting and layout of the original file are preserved completely. The font or images appear exactly in the same way as they are in the PDF format.

Add Files to a Single PDF File

It is possible to convert and combine several files into a single united PDF document, even if those files are of different formats. This feature enables efficient and quick management of multiple files.

Easy-to-Use User Interface

All the features in the Wondershare software are very user-friendly. The buttons and menus are easy to use. Menus have enhanced and attractive visuals. Buttons need to be used minimally for achieving comprehensive conversion patterns.

Beneficial to all Businesses

The PDF solutions offered by PDF Converter Pro are customized in the utmost satisfactory way. Businesses of various sizes can have the software tailor-made to their requirements. Thus it enables better customization features.

Support Partial Conversion

The software can also do partial or selective PDF conversion. If you need to convert PDF from a specific set of pages only, the flexible conversion of Wondershare PDF Converter Pro provides you excellent solutions that save your money and also fulfill your requirements.

  • “This is a very handy tool for switching into any file format. I have used it for converting PDF to Excel, Word and also back to PDF format. The design is simple, and output is of high quality.”
    Josephine L.
    California, US
  • “I found the software easy and quick to install. The conversion is very simple, and I could do most of the file conversions easily. The simple user interface and flexible conversion solutions are just what I need.”
    Robert S.
    Brisbane, AU