Have you ever tried printing a website page which does not have print style format linked to it? You will find it difficult to get the exact page format. This is why you need to convert HTM to PDF format.

HTM format denotes the web pages that you view on your computer. HTML extension denotes HTM file that is saved in the specific format. When you convert HTM to PDF & export HTML to PDF, it will be easy to email the file or print it in a paper for distribution. While Mac operating system has an easy direct conversion method for the files, Windows requires third party apps to enable a smooth conversion.

Why convert HTM to PDF format?

In HTM formatted pages, CSS styles which display pages efficiently on all types of devices and screen sized do not work as effectively when you print the pages. For instance, you will not get the background images in the printed format. This can damage the look and page flow as well as the content when you print the page.

PDF files are generally preferred for converting from HTM files as they give the same appearance irrespective of where you view them. The name PDF denotes ‘Portable Document Format' which itself indicates how ubiquitous the format is.

About PDF

PDF is a file format created by Adobe. It represents all elements you can find in a printed form of the document including links, photos, text, scales, interactive elements, and graphs. The PDF can be viewed on Acrobat Reader. You can navigate or just view the entire document which comprises of a single or multiple pages. PDF helps to save predesigned forms such as flyers, brochures, and magazines. The layout will remain unchanged whether you print, view or send it.

So, instead of printing the web pages, you can convert HTM to PDF. The PDF can be shared or printed as you wish. Since CSS will not influence the background images or style format in PDF, as it does in an HTM web page you will get a faithfully converted printed document.

How can you export HTML to PDF?

You need to have Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF creator software tool to convert HTML file to PDF. This article will guide you on the best tool to convert HTM to PDF. The guide gives easy instructions so you can achieve the conversion easily and effectively. The guide has two parts namely:

Part 1: Best software tool to convert HTM file to PDF

All the difficulties you face when you want to print HTM web pages can be solved effectively when you use a perfect PDF conversion tool like Wondershare PDFelement. This is an innovative and pathbreaking tool which is designed excellently to enable the most effective and smooth conversion. The software is best among the various PDF editor tools because

  • It has a clean and simple user interface making it convenient to use even for a beginner.
  • It does not need any password or registration to use it.
  • The conversion is fast.
  • Compatible with all Windows OS versions.
  • Works on Mac computers too.
  • The software is designed with several editing options to convert HTM to PDF.

Wondershare PDFelement is a revolutionary application that makes it easy for users looking to convert HTM to PDF. With no registration, login or other complex steps, it makes it easy for users to edit the HTM pages they need.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac

Part 2: Instructions to convert HTM to PDF

Here are the steps you should follow to convert HTM to PDF.

Step #1: Save HTM as PDF

This is the first step in the conversion and is different for Windows and Mac.

In Windows, you need just to drag the HTM file and drop it into the interface of Wondershare PDFelement software. You can also click on, ‘Create PDF' option in the software and choose the specific HTM file you need to convert.

In Mac computer, choose the, ‘Create PDF' option present on Wondershare PDFelement for Mac home window. Choose HTM file you need to convert to PDF.

Step #2: Edit the PDF files

In Windows system, the PDF files can be edited easily in any way you want them. You have to click on, ‘Edit' option and select the method you favor from the PDF file modification choices present.

For instance, you can select the option, ‘Edit Text' or ‘Edit Objects' or any other option you need. This will help to enhance the PDF file.

In Mac system, you should click on, ‘Edit' option present in the main window of the PDF editor software. This will help you edit the PDF file as per your requirements.

Step #3: Save the PDF file

In Windows system, once you finish the editing, save the file in PDF. This can be done by accessing the File feature. Click on, ‘Save As' feature. This will save it effectively.
In Mac system, when you complete modifications in your PDF file it can be saved by using the ‘Save As' feature present under, ‘File' option you can see in the bar present on the top of the page.

As you can see, it is easy to convert HTM to PDF format when you use Wondershare PDFelement. It has a simple and efficient design, so you need not be tech savvy or do complex steps for the conversion of HTM file to PDF. The software for PDF editing is available for Windows as well as Mac. The various other beneficial aspects make it an ideal choice when you want to export HTML to PDF quickly and effectively.