In terms of syncing PDF files to your iPad, the first thing comes into most people's mind is iTunes. However, syncing PDF file through iTunes wastes quite a lot of time and the whole process is boring which may make users inpatient. Suppose you transfer a PDF file via iTunes with the computer at home while still need to transfer another PDF file at your office, then here comes the trouble. The former file will be erased since you run the errand on two different computers. That's inconvenient part about using iTunes.

So how to solve the transferring problem? Is there any easy way to get the PDF file transferred to iPad without using iTunes? Lucky for you, with technology being so advanced nowadays, cloud technique enables you to accomplish all that for you. You are allowed to share files among various devices with one simple account. So pay attention to the following article, we are going to show you the method of transferring PDF files without using iTunes. The tool we need is a free app named DropBox.

With the help of DropBox, you are able to share everything you want wherever you are and whenever needed. Photos, videos or docs can all be easily shared even without Internet connection. We are going to show you the process of transferring next.

Step 1.  Download & install DropBox. Install the app on your computer after downloading. When you open the app for the first time, you need to create an account then you will be required to register with user name, email address and password during the process of installation.

Step 2. Get PDF files uploaded to DropBox. There are two folders for you to choose: Photos and Public. Put the PDF file into the Public folder.

Step 3. Download DropBox for iPad from App store and start the installation on your iPad. You can sign in with the account and password you've created before.

Step 4. Run the DropBox on your iPad, go to the Public folder and open it. You are able to view all the PDF files you put into DropBox here. Select and click on the one you want to read.

Now we've finished the tutorial of transferring PDF file to iPad without iTunes. You must have some easy understanding of the DropBox. So now it is time for you to follow the steps on your own. However, computer is more commonly used to edit and manage PDF files than iPad. We use iPad to read the PDF files while use computers to edit the PDF files. So we can tell you for sure that more operations are done on the computer if you want to edit the PDF files in efficiency such as adding and deleting new pages, annotating certain text and watermarking, we sincerely recommend PDF Editor for you. It is a professional and wonderful PDF file editing appPDFelement that enables users to easily handle the files within steps.

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