Technology has improved so much in decades which totally changes the life style of people in many ways. For example, smart phones and tablets are indispensable parts of our daily life, we change from reading traditional prints to digital files such as ebook and e-magazine. So today we are going to talk about the most commonly used format of digital file, PDF file. If you are an iPhone user, it is quite convenient for you to keep PDF file inside your device and send them out wherever you go.

In the following part of the article, we will show you how to search a PDF file with your iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7/6S/6/5S/5C/5/4S and how to search for some text in one PDF file on iPhone.

Part 1. How to search for a PDF file with your iPhone

If you want to search for PDF files with your iPhone, Safari is definitely the best choice for you.
Step 1. The default Internet browser on your iPhone is Safari. Tap to open it.
Step 2. Gather some ebook websites and decide which one you want to visit. Copy the address of the ebook and paste it in the address blank and hit Go.
Step 3. For example, if you want to search for a PDF file in Google, you have to fill in the title of the PDF file in the searching bar with “filetype: pdf” at last. If you are looking for a PDF file in the ebook website, you can locate the PDF file you want direct and open it with your iPhone.


Part 2. How to Search Text within a PDF file on iPhone

It is quite a depressing thing to search for a PDF file among all kinds of documents, especially with PDF apps flushing in the app store all the time.

iBooks is the easiest tool you can use to search for PDF files or texts on your iPhone. You can locate a PDF file in your iPhone as well as look for certain text within one PDF file with efficiency. However, iBook is not originally installed on your iPhone, which means you have to download it from App Store first. You can check the following instruction to give it a try.

Step 1. Tap to open iBook on your iPhone.
Step 2. Open the target PDF file on your device.
Step 3. There is a magnifying glass icon at the right side, hit it.
Step 4. type in the text or keywords you want to locate in the searching area of the keyboard. You will be given all fits result. Just select the one that fits your term.

QuickSearch PDF Reader is one amazing PDF application on iTunes that enables you to read and search text. You can easily locate certain text in a fast speed in a PDF file with this app. When you add a document into the app, it starts to scan the whole document automatically. So when you are trying to locate a certain text within the file, the app can display the content you want to you. You are allowed to search within one file and even among all the documents at hand. Its friendly navigation feature, smart zooming tools and convenient page jumping, make the app quite outstanding among all the PDF apps.