Why Need to Combine PDF Files?

Do you have a myriad of PDF files in pieces while you want to combine them into an integral one? Do you feel puzzled to merge pieces of PDF files into a big one when meeting the deadline of submitting your contracts, theses or dissertation files to your company or school? Do you want to send an SOS signal for the assistance of how to handle these messy PDF files merger by using Adobe Acrobat? Here we are, buddy! This essay is just like a map for the lost who cannot find the way to combine PDF files with the help of Adobe Acrobat. And now, follow me and let me show you how to deal with it.

How to Merge PDF Files by Adobe Acrobat?

At the beginning, we should get the complete version Adobe Acrobat installed. After that, we can set about combining the PDF files that we want to edit. All right! The next thing you should do is just to follow the instructions below.

Set up a new directory where you can get all the PDF files altogether. Because we can find the PDF files which we want to merge much more easily. In addition to that, as you get all the files together in just one directory, you will not lose each of them while merging these files any longer.

1. Start the tool Adobe Acrobat.
2. Click on the Menu button of the file, choose the button “Create PDF”, and after that touch the From Multiple Files.
3. Upload these files. You will see a dialog box coming up to you, and it will request you to add only the files you need to merge. After that, take a click on the button Browse, have a scan of each file, and touch the button Add to pick it out.
4. Put these files in order. By this means, you will see all these files you wanna merge placed neatly on Adobe Acrobat, and then, touch the Move Up and Move Down buttons to make the arrangement of the file order. If you want to some of these files, just take a click on the Remove button.
5. When we have finished the preparation work, click the OK button. And then we succeed in combining PDF files.


Most Easiest Way to Merge PDF Documents by PDF Editor

Apart from Adobe Acrobat, there are an amount of tools for merging PDF files just by drag-n-drop, like PDFelement . In the PDFelement, you just need to hit the Pages menu, take a click on the Merge Document to open the Merge PDF Documents. After that, hit the Add Documents button to transfer the PDF files that we want to merge together and then touch the Merge button for confirmation. F

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