As you do your everyday tasks, there are instances when you will need to convert RTF to PDF or from PDF to RTF so that you can view important files and documents. But, before you start looking for a good RTF to PDF converter, it is best to know more about the basics of these two.

What is RTF?

RTF or Rich Text Format is a type of file format which allows writing text files, save this on a single operating system together with the ability to open them on another operating system. Here, you are not allowed to add objects or images since this is mainly aimed at a text. You can always create files with the use of Microsoft Word in Windows then save this as RTF file, with a filename suffix of .rtf then send this to someone who makes use of WordPerfect 6.0 or other versions of Windows. They can then open the file to read it. Many of you would have seen this when you write a WordPad RTF file.

The RTF Specification makes use of the IBM PC, Macintosh, PC-8 and ANSI character sets. This defines control symbols and words which serve as a common denominator formatting commands. Every time you save a file in Rich Text Format, this file will be processed by the RTF writer who converts the markup of the word processor into RTF language. While it is being read, the control symbols and words will be processed by the RTF reader which will convert the RTF language to formatting for the word processor which will be displaying the document.

What is PDF?

Developed by Adobe Systems, PDF is a type of file format which represents documents in such a way which is separated from the original operation system, hardware or application from where this was originally made. The PDF files could be of any length, containing any number of images and fonts and designed to allow transfer and creation of printer-ready output.

Every PDF file is encapsulating a complete description of the 2D document which includes the fonts, text, 2D vector graphics and images which make up the document. They don't encode information which is specific to application hardware, operating system or software used for creating or viewing the document.

Now that you know the difference between PDF and RTF, it is time to know how to convert RTF to PDF or from PDF to RTF by the professional RTF to PDF Converter.

Part 1. Convert RTF to PDF on Windows

Do you want to save a file in RTF to PDF format for it to be easier for you to share this online or with your workmates? In all honesty, even though RTF is a pretty much cross platform format for all documents when someone doesn't have Microsoft Office installed on their computer, there is no way for them to open any RTF document that they receive. But, this is not going to be the case if they will receive files in PDF format as there are now a lot of PDF readers available for opening PDF files. At this point, to ensure that your RTF file will be distributed easily and successfully, you have to convert RTF to PDF first.

Discover The Best RTF to PDF Converter

The Wondershare PDFelement is a type of PDF toolkit that is embedded with different useful functions. This has the capacity to convert PDF into the most common document formats like Word, Excel, PPT as well to even the most uncommon formats like HTML, EPUB, RTF or TIFF. Another notable feature of this particular program is its OCR function that promotes text recognition quality then turns the scanned PDF into searchable and editable.

  • This can support the batch creation and batch conversion from PDF into other types of documents and vice versa.
  • There are multiple form options to make it easy to complete the task of building a certain PDF form.
  • Add a text box and sticky note to make your PDF documents more elaborate.

Simple Steps to Convert RTF to PDF

Open the PDFelement to get started with the conversion. You have to double click on the quick start icon on your desktop to launch the converter after the installation.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac

Click on Home Tab on the top portion of the main interface. On Home submenu, choose “Create PDF” so you can import RTF files from the local folders. Once you open this with a Wondershare PDFelement, it'll be opened as a PDF file. The only thing you should do is to save this a PDF file.

If you have to make PDF documents from different formats, you may turn to “Combine” function. This combine function means you will be able to add different RTF files, images, graphics, and so on. Then, combine these into a single PDF file. Once you have clicked the button to “Combine Files“, you will see the window for Combine Files. From here, you have to add the required files and click the Next button to combine such files into 1 PDF file.

Proper typos in newly created PDF. Once you find any typo in the newly created PDF file, you may open the PDF file with RTF to PDF tool. After that, you should click the button to Edit Text in the menu of Edit to correct the typo. Aside from that, you may also insert images or text to the newly created PDF once you need it.

Part 2: Convert the PDF to RTF on Mac

A Rich Text format is basically a cross-platform format that's developed by Microsoft, which may be viewed on Word application or processor. Then, this makes it simpler to share the text files online and on various operating systems. On the contrary, PDF or Portable Document Format is renowned for its compatibility and portability. If you have the PDF files on your computer and you like to add several modifications to it, you have to convert to an editable format including Rich Text.

1. Best PDF to RTF Converter for Mac

Wondershare PDFelement for Mac may manipulate your PDF file to RTF, images, Plain Text Microsoft Office, and others. This software has a good user interface as well as supports batch conversion of the tools. Moreover, it helps you:

  • It enables you to protect PDF files through redacting sensitive content or creating a password.
  • It has multilingual OCR plugin that allows you edit and search text in scanned PDF.
  • It may turn images, documents, HTML, clipboards and captures to PDF file.
  • It may also add watermark, insert links, add annotations, add numbering and bates, add stamps, draw markups, and rotate the page.
  • It's equipped with different editing tools that enable you to modify texts, edit images, change font style, underline, extract images, highlight, and so on.

2. Steps to Convert PDF to RTF on Mac

The next thing you should do is to download as well as install the PDFelement on your Mac. If you have opened the software, you may follow these steps below:

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac

Import the PDF file to the PDFelement

Firstly, you have to upload the PDF file to the application. On its Home window, you have to navigate your pointer to the bottom right, and you'll see the “Open File” button. The next thing you should do is to choose a PDF file and hit open to upload it.

Edit the PDF File

If you need to make necessary modifications to your PDF file, you may edit it. To delete or modify texts, click the Edit option on the toolbox. Move your text field and click it twice. This will be highlighted, and it will be now editable. You may also change the style of the text, color, and font size. If the PDF file has images, you may alter them. Click the Edit button again and click the image twice on the PDF that you want to replace, delete it or extract.

Convert the PDF to RTF

If you have edited your PDF file, you may now convert this to RTF. At its top right, you'll see the Convert button. Click on this for you to get the right output formats. Pick the option “To RTF“. Through its default, this will convert every page even if you may change once you do not want to convert every page. Then, you may click the button to convert the file, and this will let you rename the file and choose the folder to save this. After that, click on the button to save the file.

PDF to RTF Converter

Converting RTF to PDF or from PDF to RTF does not have to be complicated. With the use of the best RTF to PDF converter and through following the steps properly, you can easily convert any RTF to PDF or vice versa.