Is there anyone known about any convenient way to combine several different PDF files into a larger one? I need to make 50 PDF files into one. Please help me out!

Is there anyone has the same question as Amy? I happened to see the question online of Amy, and I told her a good way to deal with that. I think some of you may need too, so please allow me to introduce my solution to it.

It is important to combine different PDF files into a single one when you want to share them with the other so that they will find it convenient to download just one PDF file. If you don't do this, it may be less likely to get others download the PDF files you share online. If you don't know how to do it, just follow this article.

First, you need a third party tool to use, which I highly recommend the PDFelement. The PDFelement is a professional editor for PDF files, which can be used on both the Windows computer and Mac computer, including the MacOS Sierra and the Windows 10. Besides combining PDF files, the PDFelement is also able to help you to split one PDF file into several smaller ones, which will make it convenient if you feel regretful afterwards. Now, let's check how to combine PDF files with PDFelement in the following passages.

Step 1. Download and install the PDFelement

There are two versions for both the Windows users and the Mac users. So just choose one version that be suitable for your computer. Then install it on your computer. There is also a free trial version for first time users. If you are interested in this application, just feel free to give it a try.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac

Step 2. Run the application and start to combine

Double click on the start icon to run this app, and then get ready to open the PDF files you want to merge.
On the Mac version, tap on the “Document” on the toolbar and then choose the “Merge Document” on the drop-down menu. Then you will see a new windows pops up, click on “Add Files” to find the PDF files on your Mac computer to make them ready for combination. You can also choose several pages to be combined instead merging the whole PDF file. If there are any PDF files you don't want after you have chosen it, just choose it and click on “Remove” before you combine them. Then click on “Merge” to start combining.

For a Windows user, you need to go to the “Page” menu after running the PDFelement for Windows. Then tap on “Merge Document” and choose the “Add Documents‚Ķ” on the drop-down menu to open the PDF files to combine them. Then the following operation is almost same as the one on Mac which we have just talked about.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac