The Portable Document Format is called the PDF, which is widely put to use in the daily study and work. The pictures can make a PDF file more artistic and understandable. Sometimes, you may have a chart that forms an integral part of a PDF file but only to find it hard to add it to the PDF file. It is at this time that you may get help for this article.

In order to add & insert a picture to the PDF files, you need a PDF editing tool. The PDFelement is what recently popular all around the world. It is simple and easy to learn after experimenting. It is suitable for both the professors and the novices.

Besides inserting pictures to a PDF file, the PDFelement enables its users to edit the PDF file with every character and every picture. You can also use it to split a PDF file of large size into several smaller ones. Converting between the PDF and other formats of documents is also allowed, including the word, PPT, excel, text, and so on. All the tasks will be accomplished quickly and effortlessly with PDFelement.

Step 1. Download and install the PDFelement

There are two different versions of it, both the Wondershare PDFelement for Windows and the Wondershare PDFelement for Mac. You can choose one right for your computer. In the following passages, I will take the version for Mac for example. As for the Windows users, you can simply refer to this article because they are almost the same.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac

Step 2. Run the PDFelement

Double click on the start icon of this application. Open the PDF file via this application.

Step 3. Choose a picture for the PDF file

Click on the button saying “Customize” on the toolbar, and then choose the “Insert Image” option from various options on the drop-down. Click it and it will lead you to the browse mode of the picture on your Mac. Then select one from them to add it to your PDF file.

Step 4. Add & insert the picture to the PDF file

Once you choose the picture, it will automatically add to the PDF file. But you can still edit it to make it perfectly fit your PDF file.

Step 5. Edit the inserted picture

1.To adjust the location of the picture, click to choose it and drag it to the new place that you want it to be.
2.To adjust the size of the picture, click on it and find the light blue border of the picture and move your mouse to do it. It is advisable to add a picture of high quality so that you can freely adjust it as you like.

It is quick to insert pictures into a PDF file with the PDFelement. Just give it a shot! I believe you will find more convenient from it.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac