If you are a teacher, somehow you need to print a lot of documents to PDF so that you can send them to your students in your class but all you've got are just some doc documents and have no idea which PDF convert program is capable for you to have a choice because you need to not just print the documents into PDF, but also edit them after that if necessary? Although almost all PDF readers are able to let you view a PDF document effectively, not all of them are powerful enough to let you convert the doc files to PDF, let alone edit the contents of a PDF file. And some bad PDF readers just cannot print your document as the layout you view on the screen to a PDF file. By the way, if you have a lot of documents to print to PDF, you need to print them one by one, which may cost a lot of your time. To find a professional PDF printer is very important and moreover, a capable Foxit PDF printer alternative can help you save a lot of time and energy. If you still bother about this, just turn to PDFElement. This is a good-designed Foxit PDF Printer alternative which enables you to view, edit, and print your documents to PDF efficiently. Just look at below tutorial and let me tell you how to print a PDF document with this powerful Foxit PDF Printer alternative tool.

How to print files to PDF with Foxit PDF Printer alternative – PDFElement

Step 1: Download and install PDFElement on computer

Download the Foxit PDF Printer alternative – PDFElement below and then install it on your computer. You may find its Mac version if you are a Mac user. Free trial is available.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac

Step 2: Launch PDFElement on computer

One of the advantages of PDFElement is its simple but beautiful interface. It let you feel comfortable and handle it quickly.


Step 3: Open and edit the PDF file with PDFElement

In the view tab, just click “Open…” to open a PDF file on your computer, and then you can view it in the primary window of PDFElement. Click the “Edit” button in the menu bar, then you can edit the PDF file you’ve opened as you want until you've satisfied.

Step 4: Print the file to PDF easily with PDFElement

Click “File” to go to the File tab, and then you can see some options listed in the left sidebar. Just click “Save As”, and then browse and set the path to save the PDF file. Then click the OK button, and the PDF file will be saved on your computer later.

Tips: If you've got a lot of files to convert to PDF, you may as well combine them as a single file and then print them all by once. The Foxit PDF Printer alternativePDFElement also let you combine different files into single one very easily, which will save you lot of time to print the documents to PDF one by one.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac