PDF file is quite a good helper in our work and study. To do edition, the first program many people may think of is Foxit, which enables user to edit, convert, and create new PDF pages with ease. However, if you are using the free trial version of Foxit PDF Editor, you may find that you have to provide much of your personal information before you can use the free trial version. If you are like me who don't want to leak personal information, you can try a Foxit PDF Editor alternative.

Here I recommend you the ever-best Foxit PDF Editor AlternativePDFelement, which can be applied on both Windows and Mac computer. Want to have a try? You can now download free trial version here. Just choose the suitable version and install it on your computer. In the following passages, I will show you how to do edition with the excellent Foxit PDF Editor alternative program – PDFelement step by step.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac

Note: Please note that the watermark will be added to PDF files when you are using the trial version!

After launching the best Foxit PDF Editor alternative program – PDFelement, you can see starting window of the program, which is much tidy and simple than that of Foxit PDF Editor. The following functions are all based on the step.

1. How to Edit PDF files easily and accurately

In starting window of the best Foxit PDF Editor alternative program, please turn to the Home menu and then choose “Edit”. Now, please move your mouse to edit any PDF text and pictures with ease. What's more, you can comment on your PDF file by clicking Annotation icon. Here you can add all kinds of comments such as adding sticky note, text box, highlighter, underline and even marking up PDF with all kinds of shapes.

To make further edition such as deleting, extracting, cropping, merging and rotating PDF pages, you can turn to Page menu to make a change. With help of the professional PDF Edition program, all tasks can be completed in one click.


2. How to Convert PDF Files to Other Formats

As a professional PDF Editor, PDFelement provides more formats than Foxit PDF Editor can do for you. To convert PDF Files to other formats, please turn to Convert menu first. Here you can choose almost all popular formats such as Excel, Microsoft Word, Images, PowerPoint, HTML, RTF, EPUB and Text to convert your PDF files. The program will complete the task for you automatically.


3. How to Create PDF files from almost any format

To meet your need, PDFelement can create PDF files from almost any format for you. To create new PDF files, please turn to Convert menu first. Then please click From File to bring up Create PDF dialogue. Here please click the button Files and then choose Create to save new files as PDF format.

In addition to the commonly used functions mentioned above, the best Foxit PDF Editor alternativePDFelement can also do many other things for you. As an advantage, PDFelement has an OCR Plugin which enable you to digitize scanned PDF files freely.

Here you can download free trial version of either Windows version or Mac version to have a try. Please note that a watermark will be added to the PDF files generated through the free trial version.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac