The PDF file always contains text and pictures. And it happens when we want to edit the context of it. If you want to extract/remove the pictures from a PDF file, you may need some help. The Wondershare PDF Converter is highly recommended, which is a professional PDF editor of powerful functions. It can help you to add pictures to the PDF files as well as removing pictures from the PDF files. As a bonus, it can also label the pictures with the pages of them to make you find and manage them easily.

There are also some other functions of it, for example, you can convert the format of a file with PDF Converter between the PDF and the Word, PPT, Excel, TXT, HTML, EPUB and so on. If you want to split a PDF file or combine several PDF files, the Wondershare PDF Converter is also a good idea for you. Besides, it is feasible to transform a scanned PDF file into an editable PDF file with PDF Converter, which can be achieved quite easily.

To use this application, you may have to download it on your computer. There are two versions of it, for both the Windows users and the Mac users. If you have a Windows computer, you need to choose the Wondershare PDF Converter for Windows, and as a Mac user, you can turn to the Wondershare PDF Converter for Mac. Now, let's start it all over from the beginning together.

Download PDF Converter Pro for Windows Download PDF Converter Pro for Mac

Step 1. Launch PDF Converter and open the PDF file

Double click on the start icon on the desktop to launch this app. And then for the Windows users, tap on the “Add” button on the toolbar to open the PDF file you want. It is advisable that you can open several PDF files once at a time because the batch edit is allowed. On the Mac, you can also drag and drop PDF files to the primary window of this app directly.

Import PDF files and select the conversion type

Step 2. Make some settings and convert the PDF into an image

Tap on the “Advance Setting” from the right panel. Then click on the “Image”, On the Windows version, choose the second option saying “Extract all images in the PDF files”. Then choose a format for the image document that you want. Then click on “Convert” so that you will get a word document with pictures which is converted from the PDF file. For Mac users, you can do almost the same as this.

PDF to Image

Step 3. Extract/remove the pictures from PDF file

Open the converted file, then remove/extract the pictures on PDF file that you don't want. When you finish all the removing task, just convert the document back to a PDF file. So make a mind note about the location of the converted document.

Download PDF Converter Pro for Windows Download PDF Converter Pro for Mac