The Google Books contain various e-books, magazines, journals, novels, reports for reading online or downloading for offline reading, which is called the largest non-profit public library for the people online, compared favorably with those public libraries in the high-profile universities like Harvard University Library. It is enumerated that there are more than 1 million books in total in May 2011, and they can be downloaded as PDF files free of charge.

Well, it is easy to download PDF files from Google Books, but it may be a little difficult to edit the PDF files you downloaded. As the books you downloaded from Google Books are almost of expired copyrights, it is possible for you to edit them. But there are also some of them are limited be edited and copied, which are often offered as scanned PDF files. If you have no idea about this situation, just have a look at this article.

To edit the PDF files, you need an editor for PDF files. There are several PDF editors that can help you to edit the PDF files of expired copyrights, but to find one that can enable you to edit the scanned PDF files is quite hard. I know a PDF editor can do this, which is called the Wondershare PDFelement.

Let's go and see how to edit PDF files from Google Books with the Wondershare PDFelement. The Wondershare PDFelement can help you to edit all the contents of a PDF file including the characters and pictures. Also, you can modify the watermarks, digital signatures, and so on. And it can enable you to scan the scanned PDF file with OCR optical scanning function get an editable text. What's more, you can use it as a password remover to remove the password of a PDF file, for there is always password protection of the Google PDF files. Now you can see, all these functions are helpful if you want to edit the PDF files downloaded from Google Books.

If you are a Windows user, you can download the PDFelement for Windows, and if you are a Mac user, the PDFelement for Mac is just right for you. Just download it and install it on your computer. Then launch it, and open the PDF file that you want to edit. Use the options on the toolbar to remove the password of it and then feel free to insert some picture related or correct the characters which are wrong. You can also remove some parts of the PDF file if it is unwanted. Then, after that, you can save it. Incidentally, the Wondershare PDFelement can also help you to convert the PDF file to some documents of other formats like the Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and so on.

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