You may think it is much more convenient to edit a PDF file with a PDF editor directly than in a Word doc, but, in fact, it is easier and faster to edit a PDF file in a Word document. Doubt about it? Then let's try and you will find the answer.

To begin with, you need to convert a PDF into a Word doc first if you want to edit a PDF file in word. And to complete this task, you have to turn to a professional PDF converter. Here, I warmly recommend you to try Wondershare PDF Converter App since it empowers you to convert PDF files into Word docs easily. Also, you can choose either Wondershare PDF Converter for Windows or Wondershare PDF Converter for Mac version as you need. Either of them leads to the same result. In the following part, we are going to take Wondershare PDF Converter for Windows as an example for how to edit a PDF file in Word document. Are you ready to start your journey? Here we go.

Best method to edit a PDF file in word for you:

Step 1: Download Wondershare PDF Converter on your PC

At the very beginning, choose either version of Wondershare PDF Converter and click the download button. When you finish downloading, install this app on your PC. Different versions may have different interfaces, but the final result is the same. So there is no need to worry about which version is better.

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Step 2: Upload PDF files and choose the Word as output format

You can upload PDF files on your computer by pressing the green “Add PDF Files” button. This powerful apply enables you to upload up to 200 PDF files at the same time. For time's sake, I think you'd better import an array of PDF files to convert them into Word docs. Then remember to choose Microsoft Word as the output format in the Output Format drop-down list at the right-hand corner of the primary screen.
Edit PDF File in Word

Step 3: Convert PDF to Word and Edit PDF in Word

When everything is done, click the green Convert button to start turning uploaded PDF files into Word docs. The conversion will be finished soon before you realize it. After it, you can go to the output folder where you store the files to check them out. You, of course, can edit them in Word document then. It is a really easy and fast method to edit PDF files in Word docs, right? Plus, it is also very time-saving.

So far, I bet you have already found the answer yourself. And perhaps it is time for you to remove your doubts and download Wondershare PDF to Word Converter now. You know you will never miss such a rare opportunity to experience a wonderful PDF converter app to edit PDF file in word document.

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