Want to know how to delete PDF pages quickly and efficiently? PDF files are without a doubt the most preferred document format at present. While the advantages they offer are plenty, they are not without their drawbacks. Editing is one such issue that can make you frustrated beyond belief. The free Reader software from Adobe does not feature any editing tool, so even a simple task such as erasing a page can be taxing. Fortunately, we now have several solutions to this dilemma, and many of them are free too. Using any of these tools you can easily delete pages from PDF files. This guide gives two easy and effective ways to delete pages from PDF.

Part 1: How to delete pages from PDF by Preview on Mac
Part 2: How to delete PDF pages by PDFelement

Part 1: How to delete pages from PDF by Preview on Mac

Here is the step by step instructions on how to delete PDF pages using Preview feature in Mac.

Step #1:
Open the PDF document by using double click feature. This will open the file in, ‘Preview'. In case the file opens in some other program like Adobe Reader, use right click feature and choose, ‘Open With' option. Click on, ‘Preview' option.

Step #2:
Click on, ‘View' menu feature and choose, ‘Thumbnails'. You will be able to view all the pages of your PDF file as thumbnail images.

Step #3:
Choose the pages you wish to delete from the PDF file. To choose more than one page, you need to hold Command before choosing the multiple pages. This can also be done by using mouse click and dragging the mouse to select the pages.

Step #4:
Click on, ‘Edit' menu option and choose, ‘Delete'. All the pages you had selected will be deleted now.

Part 2: How to delete PDF pages by PDFelement

Adobe Reader does have its limitations despite being a popular app. One such limitation is its inability to delete PDF pages. This may be because its sole purpose is to function as PDF reader and not to edit PDF files. To delete PDF pages on Mac and Windows, you need to find an effective tool that does the work quickly and without affecting the PDF file.

What do you require to delete pages from PDF?

You will have to use an efficient PDF editing program to delete the pages safely. Wondershare PDFelement is an ideal choice if you want to save time and effort in the process. This is because you need to use just a few mouse clicks to accomplish the task of deleting PDF pages. Besides enabling page deletion, the PDF editor also does other functions such as rotate, crop, split, insert and merge pages.

PDFelement further possesses several tools that you can use to mark your PDF. Adding sticky notes for remarks and text boxes is easy with the tool. It can underline strikethrough and highlight sentences. The PDF tool is also an excellent PDF converter. It can convert PDF to any other popular file format and vice versa.

Outstanding features of PDFelement

  • PDFelement is a simple and potent PDF solution enabling you to work on your important PDF documents anytime you want.
  • The software can convert standard format PDF files to the long lasting PDF/A format which enables archiving for a long term.
  • The software tool can digitalize and scan all paper documents converting them to PDF files that are editable with just a minimal number of clicks. This feature is however available only for Windows.
  • The OCR performance is faster, precise and has highly efficient use of memory space.
  • The desktop PDFelement version supports languages including German, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Dutch.
  • The software program features powerful functions that allow you to convert, edit and fill your PDF files easily.
  • The automated form recognition feature makes it easy to convert the older office formats to interactive ones.
  • Data extraction is made efficient, easy and precise with the one-click automation process.
  • Sophisticated OCR feature allows conversion of multiple paper documents to formats that can be analyzed easily.

Wondershare PDFelement is a comprehensive solution that has the most advanced techniques with user-friendly design and sophisticated editing features in addition to state of the art form recognition making it the perfect PDF software tool to use for all your PDF needs.

Instructions on how to delete PDF pages with PDFelement on Mac and Windows

To enable quick PDF page deletion, you need first to download PDFelement from Wondershare. Visit the official site and click on, ‘Free Download' option to download the program. Install the PDF software tool on your PC. For Mac users, especially those with MacBook Air, iMac and MacBook Pro, using Wondershare PDFelement created for Mac is a good choice.

Here are the step by step instructions to follow for using PDFelement to delete PDF pages:

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac

Step# 1: Import PDF document

Once you have downloaded and installed PDFelement successfully on your PC, you should launch it. Click on, ‘Open File‘ option. This will import the PDF file. Browse and choose the PDF file you need to delete pages from. Click on, ‘Open‘ option to load the file from the local folder.

Step #2: Delete pages in the PDF document

For Windows:
When you are using Windows PDFelement, click on ‘Page‘ menu feature in the software interface. You can view this in the Tool bar. From this menu, choose, ‘Delete‘. You will see a prompt popping up on the page. Choose the present page and fix the range of the page to delete.

For Mac:
For Mac PDFelement, click on the PDF document from which you want to delete the pages. Now click on, ‘Pages‘ option and then on, ‘Delete‘ option. When a prompt appears on the page, enter the specific page, or the page ranges that you want to erase from the present PDF file.

Step #3: Save the document

Once you have completed the deletion of the pages, you do not want in your PDF document, and you can continue with the annotation and editing of the PDF. With Wondershare PDFelement, you will be able to choose plenty of tools that help in working with your PDF efficiently. Once you have completed the editing of the file, you should save it. Click on, ‘Save‘ option to confirm the changes you have made in the file.

The above changes are possible with Wondershare PDF element on Mac OS X Sierra and Windows 10. As you can see, using Wondershare PDFelement you can easily delete a single or multiple pages from your PDF file without any hassle. Moreover, the various other features of PDFelement allow you to manage your PDF file completely.

Other than deletion of unwanted pages, you can extract any page from the PDF, crop a specific page and split the PDF too. The various functions of Wondershare PDFelement make it an ideal tool to use when you want to delete pages from PDF or make other changes in your PDF.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac