What is CHM file?

CHM file, is so-called “Compiled Help Manual”. It is a popular file format for the helpfiles. You can see it has been applied to many helpfiles on Windows. However, sometimes you need to convert the CHM files to other documents with more popular formats so that they can be accessed to normally.

How to convert a CHM file to PDF format?

To convert a .doc document to PDF format, you may easily find a number of PDF convertors to help. But when you get a CHM file, which is not a common kind of file and need to convert it to PDF so that you can share with someone else and make sure he/she can read the contents of it normally, the problem comes up. After all, not all PDF printer provides support for converting the format from CHM to PDF.

In this case, it is necessary for you to look for a capable CHM to PDF convertor to help you breeze this task. I sincerely recommend the best CHM to PDF converterPDF Converter Pro to you. This PDF tool can help print a CHM to PDF very efficiently. All you need to do may be just some simple clicks.

Tutorial of converting a CHM to PDF

Step 1: Get PDFelement and install it on your computer

Depending on the operating system of your computer, you need to download the corresponding version of PDFelement so that it can be installed and launched normally. You can download the free trial of this powerful PDF tool easily from the internet.

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Step 2: Run PDF Converter Pro on computer

The layout of the interface of the CHM to PDF converter – PDF Converter Pro is quite clearly and beautiful. The style of the interface is a little similar to Microsoft Office Word so you must be accustomed to it quickly. Moreover, not like some free PDF program, there are no advertisements and third-party plug-ins in PDF Converter.

Step 3: Open the CHM file with PDF Converter Pro

Firstly, we need to input the CHM file you want to PDF Converter Pro so that you can preview the contents of it with this powerful PDF convertor. Click “Open” in the primary window, and then choose the CHM file from your computer and input it. It will take a little time to open the document because meanwhile PDFelement will try to convert the CHM file to PDF.

PDF Converter Pro

Step 4: Convert the CHM file to PDF with PDF Converter Pro

Although the format of CHM has been converted, you still need to save it to get the final PDF file. Click “File” to go to the File window, and then in the left side bar, click “Save As…”. Then choose a path to save the PDF file and then click OK. After that, you can find the PDF file on your computer. Simple, right? Then have a try!

PDF Converter Pro

Download PDF Converter for Windows Download PDF Converter for Mac