Download encrypted PDF files always turn us down. Why? For some encrypted PDF files, you can only read them directly while cannot edit, copy or print them; what's worse, for other encrypted PDF files, you can't even open to read them unless you input the right password! If you want to view, edit or copy these PDF files, you need to remove these passwords by a useful PDF Encryption Remover.

If you are now searching the Internet for the best useful PDF Encryption Remover, you can try the tool provided in the article. The tool I now introduce to you is called Wondershare PDF Password Remover, which enables you to remove PDF encryption easily and effectively.

As I said above, there are two kinds of secured PDF files, one is Open Password protected files, which you can read and view them only when you enter the right password; as to the other kind which are encrypted from copying, editing and printing, you just need to upload them to the app and then click the “Start” icon to remove the encryption.

In the following passages, I will show you detailed steps to remove the encryption with the help of the Best PDF Encryption RemoverWondershare PDF Password Remover. Just continue to read the guide.

Step 1. Launch the Best PDF Encryption Remover

When you get to the Wondershare PDF password remover, please install it on your computer and then run it by double clicking. Then just run it to bring up the starting window. In our site, you can see both the Windows version and the Mac version, please choose the suit version according to system of your computer to purchase.
Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step 2. Add encrypted PDF files to the Best PDF Encryption Remover

Now, please upload your PDF files. If you are Mac version user, you can upload up to 50 PDF files at a time. Please drag and drop the files you want to add; if you are Windows version user, you can upload up to 200 PDF files at a time. You can click “Add Files” button to upload the PDF files you want.

Step 3. Remove PDF password for the encrypted PDF files

If there are a lock on the PDF item bar, you need to enter the right password to the bar first to open the PDF file; if no lock appears and you can open your PDF directly, please just click “Start” button to remove the security so that you can copy, edit and print freely.

After a few minutes, you can check unsecured PDF files on the program. In the output folder (PDF Password Remover > Preferencecs… >Destination), you can find encryption free PDF files.

Download for Windows Download for Mac