If you want to convert a certain file into other formats, PDF maybe the best choice for you. You can tell from the name of the format that it is very portable and it is quite trustworthy since it can convert all formats into images. Thus, almost all kinds of text formats can be read through smartphones portable devices.

Many business people often come into situations like this: They are working on some important project with clients waiting for the result. They want to adjust the contents of the file. However, there is no Internet connection. This makes them wonder if they can edit the PDF file on portable devices so that they can change the details of the project in time.

If there is one app that enables them to edit the text on the Android smartphone, they will be able to complete the project before the deadline and meet the demands of the clients. Or let's assume this: You download an electronic book from some website. Most of the time, e-books are PDF formats. So if you are able to edit the PDF files on your mobile phones or tablets, you can take notes or insert text in the PDF files freely. It will be extremely helpful especially you are a student or someone who needs to study a certain file deeply.

So this is what we are going to talk about in the following part of this article: PDF file editors for Android users. We will introduce to your top 3 Android PDF editing apps in the Google Play and demonstrate both advantages and disadvantages of each app for you. Some of them are free while some need to be paid.

PDF Max – Android PD Editing App

Price: paid
Score: 3.6/5

PDF Max is a professional and comprehensive Android PDF file editing app in the market. With it, you are capable of inserting, copying, pasting, deleting and extracting PDF pages as you wish. The app has a special feature named reflow. It makes the reading process of PDF file quite smooth and you don't have to change the view all the time. If you are not convenient to read the file one word after another, the app will read for you depending on the text to speech feature. As to the mode of reading, you can choose to view the PDF file one page at a time or simply make the pages scroll vertically. In addition, PDF Max can help you to fill a form without efforts, even do complicated calculations.

The app comes with annotating feature. When you are writing, you can zoom in easily which is a unique feature of PDF Max. As for editing, you are allowed to type in words directly into a PDF file. What's more, you can easily draw lines on it.You are capable of communicating with other people through the marks you leave in the PDF file. To be more specific, you can write down comments, notes or other notice. This is quite helpful for those who want to express their opinion to others over some project they are working on.

If it is not very convenient for you to make word annotation, the app can help you with it as well. It enables you to make voice annotation so that you can just speak to take down important messages wherever the part you want to take note in the PDF file for later use. In addition, you can draw shapes such as lines, rectangles etc.with your fingers in the file.

However, the app is not free of charge. You have to pay $7 to use the app. Many users are not willing to pay for it. But it doesn't have much negative impact on the app telling from the result. The app still stands the top PDF editor in the market.


PDF Editor Text – Android PDF Editor

Price: free
Score: 4.0/5

PDF Editor Text is a free app that enables you to handle your PDF file with basic functions. You are allowed to edit features of the text such as font, color, and size, but images are not within your operational authority. You can not handle the PDF pages to take movements such as inserting, reorganizing or deleting PDF pages. When you want to edit the text, you are somehow confined to the current presenting text.

One advantage we particularly talk about is its special editing PDF features. Normal PDF editors in the market only enable you to insert or annotate text and you are not allowed to edit text formatting as you wish. The app will help you to solve this problem. You can easily format the text. The shortcoming of this app is quite obvious, however. The functions of this app are very limited. Common features exist in most PDF editing apps such as annotating and image editing are not allowed in this app.


PDF File Editor for Android

Price: free
Score: 3.3/5

The main function of PDF file editor is to add customized watermark on your PDF file. This is extremely useful when your company wants to brand every file with its logo. You can easily mark the file with this watermark feature. All you have to do is to open the PDF file you want and then hit the watermark option to add your own marks. We can tell from the name of the app, its main function is to edit PDF files. However, you can still use this app to operate some other nice functions such as rename files and crypt the file with a password. The app possesses many particular features like many other Android PDF editor. But it doesn't possess all the same features as other apps.

As what we've talked about before, the good point about this app is you are free to give watermark to your PDF files with no limitation on the amounts of the watermarks. You can also set up a password to keep your files safe. The shortcoming is that you can not do other things to manage the PDF file other than watermarking.