For many reasons you need to convert your PDF files to other format, for example, you want to convert PDF files to Word to make further edits more conveniently. In the article now, I will show you vary kind of PDF converters, which including online PDF converter, free PDF converter, PDF converter for Windows PC and PDF converter for Mac. You can choose any converter to convert PDF files to Excel, Microsoft Word, Text, images and PowerPoint according to your preference.

Online PDF Converter

Many people prefer online PDF converters since it won't take you time downloading and installing. When searching the Internet, you can find many online PDF converters, while not all them can convert PDF to other formats easily. Here I will introduce you the top 3 online PDF Converter:

Free PDF Converter

If you want to do the conversion with a Free PDF Converter, here are the top three for you. Since most of them can meet all your demands, please rest your heart to find the one you need:

PDF Converters for Windows

If you are searching the internet to find a third party PDF Converter for your Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP, here you can learn more. I recommend you the top 5 Windows PDF converters for Windows here. Just choose the most suitable one according to your preference:

PDF Converters for Mac

If you are Mac user, you can also find many useful PDF converters for your Mac,most of which are very powerful and works fast. Here are the top 3 for you, and all them can convert your PDF files to other formats such as Excel, Microsoft Word, text, images or RTF with ease. What's more, some of these programs (like PDF Converter Pro for Mac) can convert PDF files to iWork ones!