You might have ever been under the circumstance of trying to convert some text documents such as .txt, .doc and more to PDF. I believe this can be one of the most common problems for many people. And if you just input the key word to search for on the Internet, you will get countless of answers to solve this problem. Nonetheless choosing an efficient PDF creator can still be very important because some bad-designed ones only bring to more annoyances. Here, in this article, we provide two doable methods to create a PDF document efficiently and professionally, which may give you some suggestions.

Part 1: Create PDF documents online

If you don't want to download and install additional programs on your computer, you can conveniently print your documents to PDF online directly. However, the Internet circumstance is required and it will cost you more time to upload and then download the documents.

The online PDF creator I recommended, is Google Docs. This is a safe website which and help protect your private information when uploading your private documents to its server.

Step 1: Log in Google Docs

You need to create a Google account firstly, if you've got one, just log in with it directly.

Step 2: Upload the documents to the server of Google Docs

Browse and choose the document you want to convert, to upload it to the Google Docs server.

Step 3: Download the converted document to local.

In Google Docs, click “File”->”Download as”, and then you can choose a format of the file to download. To get a PDF one, just choose PDF Document (.pdf) and then download it to your local disk.

There are also some other kinds of PDF online creators to choose from. However, considering that we need to upload our documents to such websites, more attentions should be paid to the safety of our privacy. So you‘d better find a reliable one which can protect your personal data.

Part 2: Create PDF documents offline with professional PDF creator.

If you just want to create a PDF document without the network, you can still find some capable offline PDF creators for help. The most recommended one should be PDF Converter Pro, a powerful offline PDF printer to help you print your documents to PDF format.

Step 1: Download PDF Converter Pro and install

Install PDF Converter Pro and then open it on your computer, and then go to “Create PDF” tab.

Download PDF Converter Pro for Windows Download PDF Converter Pro for Mac

Step 2: Add the files to PDF Converter Pro

Click “Add Files” button and then add all the files you want to Offline PDF Converter Pro, you can also just drag and drop them directly.

PDF Converter Pro

Step 3: Create PDF documents from the added documents.

The Offline PDF Converter Pro let you convert all the documents to PDF in batch just by clicking the “Create” button. You can also combine all the documents and then output them as a single PDF document by ticking “Combine into one single PDF” in “Output Settings”.

Download PDF Converter Pro for Windows Download PDF Converter Pro for Mac