OCR, namely Optical Character Recognition, is one advanced technology that enables you to transform images into text. Of course, the images we refer here do not include all kinds of images. Images without words like wallpapers should be ruled out. The text in scanned files such as magazines or textbooks can be extracted out with the OCR feature. Quite exciting right? No hurry, we will show you 5 OCR readers with no charge in the following part of this article so that you can transform images into text with no efforts.

1. FreeOCR is one online OCR tool that is completely free of charge with no email address and registration process required. So it becomes extremely easy for you to use The online OCR supports multiple image formats such as JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF. Even a PDF file with several column text. This online tool fully supports over 30 languages and the file you try to upload should be smaller than 2MB with width and high within 5000 pixels. What's more, remember that you are only allowed to upload only 10 images every hour.

2.Sciweavers: With the help of this tool, you are allowed to convert the images upon uploading them from your local file or Internet. Formats like TIF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PBM, BMP, GM and PPM can be supported and you just have to paste the URL of the image without the registration requirement. You can handle multi-column documents and multiple languages easily with the tool. There is one more thing to point out. It enables you to upload unlimited images unlike other tools such as FreeOCR and Sciweavers.


3. Online-OCR is also one handy tool you can use to convert digital images into text with 32 languages choices. To be more specific, it allows you to transform scanned PDF file into Word, TXT or RTF and extract text out of image formats including JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF and JPEG. You are allowed to convert 15 images in one hour.

4. Cvisiontech can also fulfill your needs of converting scanned files. You are able to upload several files spontaneously. However, make sure every file you upload is within the size of 100MB. You are allowed to compress and enhance the desired file for the website here.

5. Free-Online-OCR enables you to transform scanned file, screenshots, images and faxes into text with ease so that you can edit the text and save them as DOC, TXT or RTF format. The images it supports include JPG(JPEG), GIF, PDF, BMP, PNG and TIFf

6. OnOCR is the last transforming tool we recommend. It allows you to transform complicated scanned files into text. Even if your file has numerous pages and complex layouts, the tool can handle that well for you. In addition,153 languages are supported by this tool. But the only condition is that you have to register first.