As you all know that Adobe Acrobat X Pro is a professional software released by Adobe. With the help of it, you can make and save your text in Portable Document Format, which enable you to move through texts and print them easier. The PDF can be widely used and is compatible with operation systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Although Adobe Acrobat X Pro is able to do almost all that you want, there comes the problem that it is kind of too costly. The data suggest that a Mac user has to pay more than $400, and a PC user about $200. What's more, it always takes people a lot of time to edit and wait for the result. And it is difficult to learn to use it, too. So I find it necessary to introduce you with a handy tool to add pages to PDF, named PDFelement, which I am employing. The powerful functions of it are almost the same as the Adobe Acrobat X Pro, while it is simpler and more efficient.

There are two versions of it, for both computers of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Remember to pick up the right one for your computer. If you would like a tryout before purchasing, you are lucky to know that it also provides a trial version for you. You can find the downloading address easily online, and install it without hassle. After some basic settings, you can begin editing the PDF files. As a start, I am telling you how to add pages to PDF with this amazing tool with just a few clicks.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac

Step 1. Find and Open the PDF File

Run the application – PDFelement with double-click on the shortcut or the start icon and open the PDF file that you want to add pages to.

Step 2. Start to Add Pages to PDF on Mac OS X or Windows

For Windows Users: It allows you to add either blank pages or pages of an existing PDF file to the target PDF file.

To add blank pages, you can click the “Blank Page” button on the “Insert” menu. It is the default situation that you get the new pages after the present page. So make sure you insert the new pages in the right place. On the newly added pages, you can write everything.

To add an existing PDF file, you should click “From PDF” on the “Insert” menu, and find the one on your computer. After you click “Open”, you will get a pop-up window asking you to make some settings about the insertion. Take it easy.

For Mac Users: You have no “Insert” menu but a “Document” menu, and then “Insert Pages”. And you will find it very similar to the steps above to add pages to PDF.

Okay! It seems so easy, isn't it? Just give it a try, and you will get more surprise from PDFelement.

Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac